A unique tool for creating custom HbbTV applications

A simple solution

Easily create your own campaign by using predefined HbbTV application templates.

Quick preparation

There is no need to contact a provider. Create HbbTV apps from your personal computer.

Statistical data

Monitor ratings of your application by yourself thanks to Google Analytics technology.

Cost saving

Predefined app templates help you save significant financial means, apart from valued time.

How It Works

Creating an application can be done in just a few intelligible steps


Preparation of materials

on your computer

First of all, it is necessary to prepare graphic materials in Adobe Photoshop, including pictures or videos.


Data uploading

on your computer

Upload the materials to the selected HbbTV template in KiNET Creator tool.


Application preview

on your computer

Before sending the application for approval, you will be able to preview and edit it if needed.


Approval and start-up

at the TV channel provider

That's it. Your own application runs on a TV screen.

What are the template options of KiNET CREATOR?

KiNET CREATOR offers a wide range of options for precise targeting according to advertisers’ requests. HbbTV applications may contain commercials, callback forms or contest forms. We will gladly help you with selecting an appropriate HbbTV format for a particular target group.

One page application
One of the basic application templates for a simple advertising presentation
Collecting of leads
A template used for for collecting contact information, which can verify the validity of a phone number and assign it a location based on its IP address.
Application with video
An HbbTV application template where you can insert an advertising video spot
Multi-page application
A template offering a detailed presentation of a product including the option to order for example a test drive. It contains a photo gallery and a video.
A template where you can insert for example a magazine subscription form
HbbTV app Ketodiet
HbbTV app Brit
HbbTV app KFC
HbbTV app Fitmin
HbbTV app Czech Sport Travel

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